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Hello! My name is Kayla, I am a full time travelling bridal makeup artist! I also do makeup for other events such as Halloween, proms, photoshoots, etc. on the side. With over 6 years of experience doing makeup on other people, I have found that doing bridal makeup is my true passion! 🖤

I have always loved weddings my whole life, I absolutely love LOVE. The thought of helping a bride get ready on their wedding day, makes me feel so honored, the feeling is priceless! I have completed over 170 weddings in the past 3 years.

I started doing makeup ever since I could remember. I taught myself everything! (Aside from tips and tricks I have learned from other talented MUAs) I would create makeup videos in my room all day and all night long. I started doing makeup on others for my cousins wedding in 2015! I did not jump right into bridal makeup, I stuck to doing makeup for proms, Halloween, and just other events when people would ask me.

I am 23 years old, located in Dowagiac, MI where I grew up. I did move around a little bit while in high school. I have lived in Ludington, MI, West Virginia, and Florida- but Michigan is just home to me. I have a daughter, Azalea Elizabeth, who passed away shortly after being diagnosed with a heart defect. Everything I do is to honor her. I've always been the type of person to put 100% into everything I have any sort of interest in, but now (especially since I am already passionate about makeup) I feel like I have been more passionate than ever before. I am currently pregnant with my sweet rainbow baby!


Some fun facts about me: ​
🖤 I enjoy cooking and learning new recipes off of Pinterest!
🖤 My favorite color is pink, if you couldn't
🖤 In my free time I like playing COD Warzone or the Sims, and also spending time with my family/friends!
🖤 I have 2 large dogs, one is a 6 year old German shepherd/pit bull mix named Toby, and the other is a 1 year old German shepherd/rottweiler mix named Zeus! I also have a tiny (but very sassy) cat named Binxy that loves to talk, she absolutely loves all the attention from my clients that comes over!

I take great honor when someone chooses me to do their makeup on such a special day. I try my best to give each bride an amazing experience from the day they inquire with me! I am such an open book when it comes to my client so if you ever have any questions or concerns, I love to be flexible and work through them together.

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