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Welcome! Each one of my bridal clients are given their own log-in to access my client portal. On here you will be given access to a new blog every 2 weeks that'll be full of updates, wedding tips, check ins so we both are up to date and on the same page come your big day, seriously...everything that you need to get the most out of your wedding makeup! This is specifically made to properly prepare my brides for a stress free getting ready time, the day of their wedding :)

Communication means everything to me! So this is where you will be able to communicate with me the quickest, to get your trial scheduled, anything adjusted for the day of, add or remove anything to your contract, literally everything you may need from me as your wedding vendor!

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Beauty Blogger


I offer 1 on 1 makeup lessons! If you are either interested in doing your own makeup for your wedding day, would like to learn more about doing everyday makeup on yourself, or are an aspiring makeup artist and would like to gain more knowledge in applying makeup on others, reach out to me and we can discuss your makeup desires! Prior to makeup, I was a dance teacher! I love teaching, and would absolutely love to help you with all things makeup! 🖤

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